Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the catch? Does a lower commission fee equal less of an experience?
Unequivocally this is not the case. We offer the same service as a traditional agency but because we’re independent, we don’t have the big overheads of a large company so we can charge a lower commission fee. Plus, being a small agency means we’re more reliant on keeping our good reputation in the market and being referred to other vendors so your sale matters a whole lot more to us. Our clients typically report that they enjoyed the sale process and that it was much less stressful than they thought it would be. Please ask your salesperson if you would like to chat to a previous client and we’ll line up a testimonial for you.
What kinds of properties do you sell?
We sell good quality, well-located residential properties across Auckland and the Waikato. Our average sale price consistently sits between $850,000 and $1,200,000 but we also sell properties above and below this level. Check out current and previous listings here.
What’s your success rate?
We consistently sell between 75% and 90% of the stock that we list in the first 90 days of being on the market. In contrast, other agencies typically sell less than half of their listings. We achieve this success rate by being careful with the stock that we list.
Do you advertise your listings in the same places as other agencies?
Yes. Our listings are advertised on all the industry websites:,, and We also create a FREE website for your property and we print beautiful open home brochures and street signs. Our listings on TradeMe alone get double the views of other agencies and you can find all the details of our marketing packages here.
Am I missing out on any of the market by listing with a smaller agency?
No. We access the same industry sites as the big agencies and we deliver exactly the same scope of services. We just charge less and deliver a great experience along the way.
How does your service work?
Once we’ve completed your FREE appraisal and you’ve decided to list your property with us, you’ll receive an invoice to pay the marketing expenses which we have together agreed will deliver the best tools for marketing your property. This fee covers the cost of creating the marketing materials for your property, including a Google optimised website with its own web address based on your street address, professional photography, floor plans, copywriting, your LIM and Council property files, your title, a rental appraisal, a bespoke street sign board, glossy open home brochures, a premium listing on TradeMe, a feature listing on and regular listings on and 

The salesperson who conducted your appraisal and who focuses on your area will then be your dedicated salesperson for the duration of the sale process. They will run your open homes, conduct viewings on request, run the negotiations to get your property under contract, work with buyers to make sure that they can meet their obligations to you and oversee the conditional period. They will also provide you with written and verbal feedback along the way to keep you updated on how your sale is tracking.

Once your property has sold unconditionally, we will deduct our commission fee from the purchaser’s deposit and disburse the balance to your lawyer for you to draw down whenever you’re ready.

On settlement, we will manage the purchaser’s final inspections and work through any last minute issues to make sure that the property settles smoothly as scheduled.
Does the commission fee include GST?
No, GST is added to the commission fee just the same as any other real estate agency commission fee.
Are there any other fees involved?
If we agree that an auction is the best method of sale for your property, we will charge $1000 + GST to cover the auctioneer’s fees at the time of listing along with your marketing expenses and this fee is non-refundable even if the auction is cancelled. We charge an admin fee of $500 plus GST and your lawyer will charge you a fee for conveyancing. It’s best to contact them directly for a quote.
When are the marketing expenses paid and are they refundable?
The marketing expenses are deducted from the purchaser’s deposit once the property has sold. However, if you choose not to accept an offer within the agreed appraised price range while we are working together, you will be invoiced for the marketing expenses and our payment terms are 14 working days following the date of the invoice.
What happens if my property sells more quickly than expected? Can I pay less commission?
We charge the same 2% commission fee for everyone and we aim to sell your property as quickly as the market allows so if it sells quickly, we will have done our job exceedingly well.
What happens if my property doesn’t sell?
If your property hasn’t sold by the expiry date of your Agency Agreement, you’re welcome to extend the deadline or cancel your Agreement with us and we will send you the marketing materials to re-use at any time.
How do I pay the commission fee?
The commission fee is deducted from the purchaser’s deposit when the property is sold so you don’t have to lift a finger to make payment.
Do you run open homes?
Yes, we run open homes unless the vendor prefers to make their property available to qualified buyers by appointment only.
How do you appraise properties?
Hit the big blue button at the top of the screen to book your FREE appraisal and we’ll get in touch to make a time to come and inspect the property whenever is convenient for you. When we meet, we’ll take you through the current stats for your suburb, the recent sales on your street and a summary of recent relevant sales in your area. We’ll also bring you up to speed on the current banking restrictions and regulations that could affect your property, an analysis of your land and title along with a draft set of data-backed recommendations for the best method of sale for your property, who your buyer is likely to be and how long it will likely take for your property to sell.
How accurate are your appraisals?
We’re not in the business of creating false hope or of missing out on any revenue for our vendors so we aim to sell 75% of our listings within their appraised price range. There will always be a portion of properties which confound the statistical norms.
Do you make recommendations for how we can add value prior to selling?
Yes, if we can see that there’s an obvious way for you to capture more of the market and deliver a better result from your property, we will make this recommendation. After all, it’s in everyone’s best interest to get the best possible outcome.
How long will my house take to sell?
Our listings get double the online exposure of other agencies’ so they typically sell in half the time. It’s in both our interests to work as efficiently as possible so if there’s anything we can do to expedite the process, we will do it.
Do you run auctions? If so, how much do they cost?
Yes we run awesome on-site auctions and we only use the best auctioneers. The auctioneer’s fee is $700 plus GST and this is charged at the time of listing along with the marketing expenses. This fee is non-refundable even if the auction is cancelled to avoid the auctioneer missing out on other bookings.
Will we be locked into an exclusive Agency Agreement with you?
If we genuinely believe we’re the right supplier for you and that we can get you an epic result, we will ask you to sign an exclusive Agency Agreement for a mutually acceptable period but if for any reason things aren’t working out as we had hoped, we will release you from this contract. However, we’ve never had to say goodbye to a vendor during an Agency Agreement and we’ve sold a lot of property.
Do you do rentals or sell commercial property?
No, we’re currently only focused on residential sales.

Still scratching your head?

Then call us on 09 965 3656 or drop us a line at [email protected].