Our Story

The Property Market was started by Antonia Baker when she stepped away from one of the big agencies to set up her own independent, boutique real estate agency.

Antonia started The Property Market because she could see how she could deliver fairer real estate commission fees and better service to sellers.

We’ve now sold over $400m of property and we’re building a strong business that does great work for a smaller number of clients.

We’re fully licensed and we offer the same range of services as the big real estate agencies.

How it all began

How it all began

In 2011, Antonia was working for a big real estate agency when she had a brainwave about how she could create a boutique, independent real estate agency that offered the same service as the traditional operators but for a lower commission fee. Initially she worked from shared offices, then she moved into her own premises and now the company trades from a smart high street branch in Te Atatu Peninsula in West Auckland.

Antonia’s focus has always been on delivering a result that confounds buyers’ and sellers’ expectations of real estate, whether this is through the service levels, the level of intel and advice provided to both parties or the energy throughout the process.

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Our motto

To make real estate a happy transaction by:

  • Providing a fair and transparent service for buyers and sellers
  • Making salespeople more productive
  • Creating balance in the workplace

Our values

Quality stock

List quality stock in good areas and focus on marketing, presentation and service.

Tell the truth

Never withhold or misrepresent information, even inadvertently.


Double-check documents, prod for further information, stay curious and adhere religiously to policies and procedures.

Be the leader

Stay calm and in control of the process, guide the process, hustle like a sheepdog and hold your head high.

Create raving fans

Answer calls and respond to emails the same day, keep your promises, play nicely and be respectful.

Frictionless experience

The world is increasingly mobile. The right approach and clever technology mean we can provide buyers and sellers a better experience and our salespeople can live more balanced lives.

When we set up The Property Market, they said we wouldn’t be able to:

Get listings without the backing of a big brand...
...but we found being independent gave us a point of difference and meant we could provide a better service without the distraction of other agents in our listings. Fast forward almost ten years and we’ve now sold hundreds of millions of dollars of property and the phone keeps on ringing.
Deliver sale prices that were as good as the big agencies...
...but on the contrary, our sale prices have always been as good (if not better) than the big agencies because it’s our names over the door so the result matters more to us. We also provide a better overall return to the vendor by charging a lower commission fee.
Attract salespeople...
...so we kept the team little and focused on growing the business to prove the model and the salespeople who have worked for The Property Market have been way more successful here than they ever were in a big agency.
Afford the insurance required to run a real estate agency...
...so we worked with our insurance provider to develop tighter policies and procedures to reduce the risk for them and our vendors and we believe we’re setting the benchmark for compliance.
Afford the overheads of a real estate agency...
...so we found leaner, safer, faster ways to do things and we built some very cool technology of our own that makes our job more fun and less admin focused than it would be in a big agency.
Sell property without access to press advertising...
...so we can only assume these people hadn’t heard of the internet!

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