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Jemma Boyd

Eastern Suburbs of Auckland salesperson

With a background in sales and ecommerce as well as a previous life as a competitive tennis player, Jemma knows how to put in the hard work to get the best results for her clients.

Representing Auckland at tennis provided a brilliant grounding for Jemma's career off the court. Sport taught her the importance of bringing a team together to focus on a common goal and how to collaborate with others and it gave her an exceptionally strong work ethic. She's often told that she has an extraordinary level of grit and resolve which can be handy when chasing down enquiries or navigating a tricky market.

Real estate is Jemma's idea of heaven because it involves teaming up with the vendor and their buyers and identifying what makes them tick. Jemma enjoys the process of informing and educating both parties and working as their support person and she has a good nose for picking the right buyer for the right property and a strong track record of vendors who are happy to provide a testimonial for her.

Having grown up in the Eastern Bays of Auckland and been a part of the local sports clubs since she was young means Jemma is immersed in the way of life there and she knows how to sell it to others. She's genuinely interested in what the local market is doing and she finds herself constantly poring over the sales data so that she's on top of the latest intelligence.

Jemma has quickly succeeded in getting traction and listing stunning properties in her local area which is evidence that our offering is attractive and relevant in this beautiful part of town. Her focus now is to get to the very top of her profession and she will no doubt continue to use her relatability and negotiation smarts to get there.

We couldn’t believe the sale price we got from our auction. We got $200,000 more than we expected.

We only did one weekend of open homes and I had two offers on the table. Jemma made the whole thing so easy.

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