Auckland North Shore

The Auckland joke about needing to get your passport stamped before going over the Harbour Bridge to the North Shore is because it feels like leaving the city and going on holiday when you enter a world of beaches, big green spaces, cafes, restaurants and generally lifestyle-focused activity. It’s a lovely way to disengage from the stress of working life every day.

The holiday vibe makes the Shore feel so far away, yet many of its best loved spots are only 15-20 minutes from the CBD - or even better - a short ferry ride on Auckland’s beautiful harbour.

There is every type of housing available whether you’re looking for exclusive waterfront properties, premium family homes or smaller first time buyer or investment-friendly dwellings.

Our commission fee – just 2% of the sale price plus  GST

We charge a sweet and simple commission fee of just 2% of the sale price plus GST which typically saves our clients up to $10,000.

How  can we afford a smaller commission  fee?

We’re an independent agency so we don’t pay franchise fees and we used cloud-based software to reduce our overheads. We also charge an admin fee of $500 including GST.